HEAT IT Service Management Suite



ITSM Availability Management


The HEAT ITSM Availability Management module is a natural extension of Service Level Management. This module incorporates sophisticated availability metrics that capture ongoing performance statistics for individual IT components or an entire business service. Monitor availability via real-time dashboards and availability reports. Incident reports provide mean time between failure (MTBF) and mean time to repair (MTTR). Failure assessment tools quickly pinpoint critical infrastructure risk before that risk impacts critical business services. With Availability Management, IT can proactively reduce down time and CI unavailability when they have a 360 degree view into the single points of failure in the IT infrastructure.


  • Increase up-time, effectively requiring less IT investment and saving costs
  • Lower the average time CIs are unavailable
  • Boost the reliability of services and configuration items (CIs)
  • Clearly understand the relationship between availability and SLAs, and make informed IT allocation decisions


  • Real-time reporting — Instantly see availability of components and services, and truly understand the associated costs. Choose from a suite of valuable availability and incident reports.
  • SLA comparison — Create service level review reports to measure against SLAs. Add further value with tight integration with Service Level Management.
  • Failure assessment — Understand how a single point of failure affects other elements of the infrastructure. Also determine the difference between component and service failure.
  • Seamless integration — Integrate Availability Management with your existing applications and databases for a single view of activities regardless of data location

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