OFSI transforms IT business through an ITIL support model provided by Kifinti Solutions


OFSIDownload Success Story

As the primary regulator and supervisor of federally regulated deposit-taking institutions, insurance companies, and federally regulated private pension plans, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (OSFI) is accountable to Canadians. Protecting the rights and interests of depositors and contributing to the public’s confidence in a sound financial system are the primary functions of OSFI through its 550 employees located in 4 offices across Canada.

In response to global trends in information sharing and enhanced financial reporting and risk assessment, the Information Management /Information Technology (IM/IT) division launched an IT Renewal program to increase the flexibility in OSFI’s technology systems.

Plans for core infrastructure improvements and upgrades were initiated and OSFI sought out Kifinti as its partner to deliver on the enhancements.


ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) addresses the need to align the delivery of IT services closely with the needs of the business, and implements the ITIL Support model for the Service Delivery. Kifinti partnered with OSFI’s ITS team in November 2011 to upgrade the existing ITSM platform, add additional modules, and enhance Change Management and Configuration Management. Upgrading the current platform and redeveloping workflow was a large-scale goal made achievable by project team members completely focused on accomplishing each milestone.

Meshing with a client is Kifinti’s specialty, and this joint project team had a synergy. “The HEAT ITSM help desk software was created to meet all of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices,” says Jon Camilleri, CEO.

“OSFI’s investment in this upgrade will benefit all IM/IT users and further streamline the delivery of IT Services to business clients.” Over the course of the engagement the project team brought the upgrade to life and to the stakeholders’ expectations.


Typically, the vast majority of an organization’s IT budget is spent on operations, supporting the current set of applications and services, with the end goal of ensuring business users are

productive. A smaller slice of IT’s budget and effort is dedicated to transforming the business through innovation. As a result of OSFI’s ITSM investment

with Kifinti, management reporting and metrics have been enhanced, illustrating the diverse activities that IT is focused on toward driving business improvement. Tracking and managing the IT department’s daily activities more closely, the OSFI customers/users that IT supports receive more timely resolution to incidents that come up daily.

Kifinti worked closely with OSFI’s ITSM administration team on development and ensured team members were up to speed in preparation for the launch of the upgraded platform. “Working with the Kifinti team was truly a partnership at its best,” says Ekaterina Belinson, Project Manager, OSFI, “all team members pulled together to take this project live. OSFI will continue to reap the benefits of enhancing our ITSM.”

The near future will bring additional ITSM modules on board including Configuration Management, Service Catalog, and Self Service – OSFI’s commitment to evolving its ITSM to meet the changing needs of the business is ongoing