Kifinti has invested a great deal in our relationships with our product vendors. The choice to become a reseller and integrator of any given product vendor is based not only on the current leadership in the market of the product itself, but on the long term commitment from the vendor.

At Kifinti, we pride ourselves on being a complete solution partner to our customers and to our vendors. As such, we invest in the appropriate training for our team, in the constant updating of knowledge about the vendors solutions and of the marketplace in which our customers do business.

Our preferred approach in selling products is to bundle them with a Kifinti services offering which ensures the best value to the customer by ensuring that you make the most appropriate choice of technology for your needs and budget and most importantly effective deployment, integration, training and customization.

We normally resell the maintenance and support services of our product vendors and often at a small discount from the traditional alternatives but also offer to augment that with our own team’s ad-hoc support to ensure a seamless and customer-centric service delivery model.

Ask about our “day-a-month” program – you will be pleasantly surprised at the benefits and affordability.

Are you considering an software solution for your organizaton? Let the Kifinti Solutions expert team help you. We can leverage our many successful implementations and strong industry relationships to help make your project a success. Ask about a free product evaluation.