Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server
Your company’s email server is a vital hub for productivity — and a hotbed for malware, phishing scams and spam. As cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated, safeguarding your mail server becomes even more crucial to your companywide security.

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server blocks email-borne malware and spam. It scans your email traffic with industry-leading precision, low system footprint and high scanning speed — so slowdowns will be a thing of the past.

Using the adaptive ThreatSense® scanning engine to identify both familiar and emerging threats, ESET Mail Security shields your data from trojans, viruses, worms, adware and spyware — while keeping your company inboxes free of unwanted email.

Solution capabilities
By scanning email traffic and mail store, ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server hardens your email server to malicious attack. The ThreatSense scanning core uses multithreaded processing to allow efficient concurrent scanning of email messages.

Advanced heuristics ThreatSense technology identifies a threat even if it doesn’t appear in the signature database, protecting your company from zero-day malware attacks. The scanner operates at two levels: VSAPI (Microsoft’s Virus Scan Application Program Interface) and at the SMTP server level, scanning all email traffic to guarantee maximum security.

ESET‘s antispam module uses several processes, including RBL, DNSBL, fingerprinting, reputation checking, content analysis, Bayesian filtering and manual whitelisting and blacklisting. This ensures total email threat protection, configurable for either global rules or specific mailboxes.

Small, automatic updates of the signature database and program components keep your mail server safe without slowing it down. Industry-trusted performance Rely on ESET products, whose established track record of performance and reliability keeps winning recognition from independent testing organizations, such as Virus Bulletin and AV-Comparatives. ESET leads the industry in the overall number of VB100 awards, having received its first in 1998. The prestigious AV-Comparatives tests regularly rank ESET in the Advanced+ category for its overall performance and precise detection capabilities.

Proactive server protection
ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server provides dual protection for the Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes and the host environment as well.

Trouble-free installation and setup
Installation and configuration are completed in a matter of minutes. With advanced automated installation options, import/export of configuration files, remote installation and full integration of ESET Remote Administrator, ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server takes the IT headaches out of terminating mail-based threats.

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