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 ITSM Configuration Management


The HEAT ITSM Configuration Management module enables enterprise-class management of the configuration items (CIs) that make up the business services and IT infrastructure being supported. Configuration Management provides the tools needed to define, accurately identify, and report on CIs. Automated approval and assignment processes create efficiencies and cost savings. With real-time CI monitoring, the status of changes, requests for change, and verification of CI completeness and correctness are made transparent. The module employs a configuration management database (CMDB) that provides a single repository for all CIs. The Configuration Management module delivers best practices using dynamic object models to easily relate assets to owners and view their relationships.


  • Increase quality and extent of configuration services, while lowering costs
  • View CI status at any time
  • Accurately predict the impact of configuration changes
  • Create a foundation for Incident, Problem and Change Management
  • View relationships among assets, CIs and more
  • Efficiently manage change


  • Single configuration management database (CMDB) for all IT assets, including hardware, software, networks, contracts, SLAs, and more
  • Manage Relationships — Create associations and report on CIs and their relationships to incidents, problems and changes.
  • Group services – and their supporting CIs
  • Powerful real-time reporting — For all assets, create customized views and give any-level user roles-based views into the appropriate information
  • Detailed data — Share detailed configuration management data with IT managers, service desk agents, technicians and others
  • Automatic alerts — Be notified when preventative maintenance is necessary
  • Asset histories — Speed troubleshooting with the right information viewed by the right person

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