HEAT Unified Endpoint Management

Centralized secure management of all endpoints

The challenge of managing endpoints multiplies as users carry smartphones, laptops, and tablets—while demanding the apps, configurations, and content they need to be productive on all of them. It is impossible to properly manage these devices without accounting for security, and impossible to secure them without managing them. HEAT Software’s policy-based endpoint management delivers the right apps, configurations, and content to Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices based on roles, locations, and security requirements, reducing the risks introduced by “shadow IT” and empowering user productivity. HEAT Software delivers comprehensive client and mobility management, along with innovative application control, device control, and vulnerability management with its Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) suite of solutions.


Multi-platform solution (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)

Growth in mobility and BYOD has diversified endpoint operating systems, complicating support and management. But managing multiple operating systems doesn’t have to mean maintaining multiple management tools. HEAT UEM enables IT to easily manage all devices, enabling standardized, policy-driven management of configurations, data, and applications across all platforms.


One person cannot manage a thousand devices. But one person can manage a dozen policies that automate deployment of apps, content, and configurations, and enforce security rules. HEAT Software policy-based management enables IT to do more without spending more.

Enterprise Mobility Management

HEAT Software delivers industry-leading enterprise mobility management, enabling IT admins to manage and deploy devices, apps, and content through automated policies.

Multi-platform patch management

As Apple devices continue to make inroads in the enterprise, they can introduce new vulnerabilities, as many patch management solutions continue to support only Windows. HEAT PatchLink fully supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and third party application security patches.

Integrated endpoint security capabilities

Well-managed devices are simply more secure, but endpoint management is no longer complete without real, integrated security functionality. HEAT Software delivers just that.