LANDesk Patch Manager™

Automate Baseline Security, Stability and Performance of Applications and Operating Systems across Mixed IT Environments

Keeping up with the constant stream of security threats and patches is an ongoing drain on IT staff. Organizations need to be able to research, evaluate, test and apply patches across the enterprise easily and automatically. Is it possible to remediate thousands of systems with one task—and without saturating your network?

With LANDesk® Patch Manager the answer is yes.

Integrated with LANDesk® Security Suite and available as an add-on to LANDesk Management Suite, LANDesk Patch Manager:

  • Gives you a single tool for researching, reviewing, and downloading  available patches
  • Quickly evaluates systems with active vulnerability scanning
  • Increases system uptime by remediating known vulnerabilities through automated targeting and patch distribution
  • Automates patch management processes to maintain system security, save time, reduce risk and reduce the number of servers used to distribute patches
  • Automatically maintains patch currency and saves time by establishing active patch management policies


Are you considering LANDesk Patch Manager™ software for your organizaton? Let the Kifinti Solutions expert team help you. We can leverage our many successful implementations to help make your project a success. Ask about a free product evaluation.