Your Windows 7 Migration Just Got Easier

Thinking of migrating to Windows 7? Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization can help. One of the key issues you’ll face during a Windows 7 migration is making sure that your users have the applications they need before, during, and after the migration. By virtualizing all your Windows applications with ZENworks, you can keep your workforce productive at all times. Your Windows 7 migration will be simpler and faster because you can:

  • Make all your applications run like executable files. This means no installations and no application conflicts.
  • Put all your virtual applications in a common file store for employees to download and run at their convenience.
  • Use predictive streaming to make even the largest virtual applications run right away. Users can access them via the web or a company intranet.
  • Set expirations on applications to help ensure old or retired applications are no longer in use and risking audit fees.
  • Give users that need Internet Explorer 6 the freedom to continue to use it on Windows 7.

Less work. Less wasted time. Faster application deployments.

Preparing software for deployment has always required a lot of time—and labor-intensive testing. According to Gartner Research, it’s the primary reason most companies only have 10 to 25 percent of their applications packaged. As a result, 75 to 90 percent of applications are installed manually.

Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization makes that process simpler and much faster. It slashes the costs, complexity and time delays required for application compatibility testing and management. And because it’s tightly integrated with Novell ZENworks Configuration Management, you can use one unified lifecycle management solution to manage all your physical and virtual applications.

Virtual applications made quick and easy

With Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization, your staff can use easy, step-by-step wizards to create virtual applications that run anywhere without a cumbersome agent/server architecture. This includes:

  • Optimizing virtual applications to run directly from DVDs or USB drives.
  • Using pre-configured virtual application profiles for the most popular desktop productivity and Web browser offerings.
  • Compressing applications to reduce their file size.
  • Converting legacy ZENworks AXT-based applications to virtual applications
  • Distributing patches for a virtual application independently of the application itself.

Predictive application streaming delivers apps based on user behavior

Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization uses a sophisticated profiling algorithm where applications are modeled based on user behavior. This makes it possible to anticipate code requirements, which results in predictive streaming of application code based on a user’s actual behavior. This predictive application streaming removes the latency you get with other products.

Application streaming features include:

Application Profiler
Use the application profiler to build a streaming model that can anticipate user behavior resulting in quick and smooth application streaming. This predictive streaming capability lets you can run applications faster than ever.

Multiple Streaming Modes
Run in “No Cache,” “Cache Prefetch,” or “Register Local” modes. You decide if and how you will store streamed applications locally.

High Streaming User-to-Server Utilization
Enjoy ratios as high as 10,000 users per server.

Common Network Protocols for Streaming
Use standard HTTP, SMB, and CIFS protocols for streaming applications—or any protocol that can be mounted to a Windows UNC path.

Safe, transparent, secure applications

Application security is taken to a new level with Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization. Every Application Virtualization application is packaged with all the files, settings, runtimes and components that your apps need to run immediately. Applications act just like they would if they were installed locally, but your operating system, registry and run-time environments remain unchanged.

You can turn your Windows, .NET and Java-based applications into self-contained secure applications in minutes. This gives you pain-free deployment via the web, USB keys or your desktop management infrastructure.

Are you considering Novell Application Virtualization™ software for your organizaton? Let the Kifinti Solutions expert team help you. We can leverage our many successful implementations to help make your project a success. Ask about a free product evaluation.