Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition eliminates the risks, hassles and costs of manually managing identities across the user lifecycle in growing enterprises

By automating provisioning and deprovisioning, Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition saves your IT team hundreds of hours. When a user joins your business, transfers to another department or leaves, an intelligent provisioning action (based on your policies) is triggered in real time. Any event—even a change in a duty for a short-term project—modifies the user’s access privileges instantly and accurately.

Changes are implemented and recorded in the Identity Vault, a centralized, authoritative data store. The changes are also distributed and synchronized in real time across all your physical and virtual resources. Our wide range of drivers also includes connectors for SaaS applications such as and Google. This ensures the latest access information is propagated across every connected application and system in your environment. Access is provisioned even to applications in the cloud.

Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition provides a comprehensive reporting framework that allows you to create reports that clearly show who has access to what at all times, including complete historical records. When an auditor asks, you can instantly demonstrate the association among all users, resources and provisioning activities. These powerful and flexible report capabilities let you save queries, which you can use to prove your business enforces both internal policies and external regulations.

Boost IT responsiveness—along with your users’ productivity—with quick and easy identity and access management

With Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition, enterprise-wide identity management is supported by an intelligent provisioning infrastructure. It is based on roles and rules and workflows that require little human intervention. This makes identity administration much easier, and reduces helpdesk calls.

At the core of Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition is a unified packaging framework that contains high quality, loosely connected policy content packets. This framework is modular, so you can upgrade, downgrade, modify, or introduce new policies without disrupting your existing business services. This also lets you add new policies into your policy infrastructure with ease. What’s more, Identity Manager provides intuitive, pick-and-click capabilities. So you can make policy adjustments without the burdens of custom coding.

Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition also allows for easy integration of non-connected security policies through a simple drag-and-drop mapping of user permissions with Identity Manager roles. Our industry leading Roles Mapping Administrator console, provides you one view of all the roles and permissions tied to a target system so that you can easily integrate or update your roles to create a unified governing policy without any coding.

Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition also supports extensive self-service, a plus for both users and your IT team. The customizable, user-friendly dashboard allows business users to manage their own access, track access requests and delegate tasks. Plus, every activity is recorded to support audits. And as you would expect, Identity Manager supports single sign-on to the user application, letting users sign-in without having to re-enter their username and password.

The results? Costly helpdesk calls are reduced dramatically. Your IT team and network administrators can focus on projects that build the business. And users—from employees and contractors to partners and customers—receive up-to-date access that increases their ability to do their jobs.

Deploying or migrating to Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition is easy. With our new implementation tools, Identity Manger integrates seamlessly into your existing IT environment.

No need to buy new hardware or worry about software compatibility. Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition will integrate easily into your existing environment, thanks to the heterogeneous environments support. And the new implementation tools, deploying or migration to Identity Manger is easier (and less expensive) than you think.

You’ve got to consider how well any new solution will fit into your existing infrastructure. After all, if it’s going to require new hardware, or if it won’t work well with one of the platforms you use, your TCO will skyrocket. Put your mind at ease. With Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition, you will get a top quality product that slides seamlessly into your infrastructure. No hidden costs of ownership.

Our products are right at home in mixed environments. For over a decade, we have developed Identity Manager to integrate with most enterprise-class hardware platforms. With out-of-the box connectors for most applications, databases and systems, you can scale beyond physical deployments to virtual networks and the cloud—quickly, easily and affordably.

With our innovative new implementation tools, you’ll find Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition is easy and affordable to deploy. The built-in Identity Vault—a centralized identity and access database—eliminates the need to create and maintain a separate directory. Additionally, introducing new applications and services into your environment is simple because Identity Manager features intelligent tools like Analyzer and Designer that provide automated data-cleansing and a user-friendly drag-and-drop designing and automated documentation capabilities

Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition can help you ensure security and prove compliance easily across mixed IT environments and cloud infrastructures

Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition supports security and compliance in enterprises with thousands of users and resources that extend from the data center to the cloud. By seamlessly integrating with the Novell security event and information management system and your applications, Identity Manager ensures continuous enterprise compliance at a low cost.

Worried that terminating an employee may lead to an attack? When a user’s status is entered into a system such as HR, Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition immediately changes his or her privileges and propagates them across all your linked applications. You can protect every resource imaginable, from directories and email systems to databases and physical assets—and cloud-based applications, too.

Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition maps user privileges across numerous systems to user identities, leveraging your existing policies, no matter how highly customized. Using our intuitive user interface, business managers gain a complete view of a user’s privileges and can make informed decisions about any provisioning request. You’ll never have to worry about multiple identities for a single user or enforcing critical requirements such as separation of duties.

Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition positions your enterprise for the future of cloud computing by extending identity management across SaaS applications and other resources beyond your firewall

For over a decade, we have offered a comprehensive set of connectors for a variety of operating systems and platforms, enabling enterprises to scale quickly and securely. Our SaaS connectors give you cloud provisioning capabilities. You can automatically provision and deprovision access to cloud resources and roll out new applications with the intelligence and efficiency you expect from Novell.

Providing business services in the cloud is all about managing workloads. Therefore, Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition ensures identity and access controls are central to every user activity. Access is based on your business policy, not the requirements of a third-party hosting service or managed-service provider. As a result, security is consistent across your enterprise, no matter where your users work or where your systems are hosted.

Concerned about compliance? Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition leverages your enterprise’s security policies for cloud-based applications, giving you a sustainable SaaS compliance solution. Our comprehensive reporting captures and stores all cloud-based provisioning activities 24/7, so you can prove your access policies are enforced—even in today’s world of dynamic, virtualized computing.

With this WorkloadIQ product, you can manage identity and provisioning securely in any environment

Novell Identity Manager delivers on the WorkloadIQ™ promise of keeping your organization secure and compliant by managing identity and provisioning across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

It provides an intelligent identity framework that lets you use your existing IT assets and new computing models like SaaS, while reducing costs and ensuring compliance. It is the foundation for your secure enterprise, and is the only truly cloud-ready identity management solution available today.

Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition translates business policies and compliance mandates into IT controls, consistently enforced across business domains. With features like automated provisioning, advanced reporting, and a customizable, user-friendly dashboard where users can manage their own access, track access requests and delegate tasks, Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition makes security easier to achieve.

Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition also offers the security and compliance capabilities needed by large organizations with thousands of users and resources. It integrates with Novell’s security information event management (SIEM) solution and your applications to deliver continuous enterprise compliance and user activity monitoring.

With Identity Manager as the foundation for your secure enterprise, you can ensure the right levels of data protection, comply with government and industry regulations, and control access.

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