Count on your workload migration tasks being done when you need them

Accelerate workload migration projects and reduce errors with the highest level of automation available for workload migration. PlateSpin Migrate allows you to free up valuable IT resources for other tasks. Now you can count on your workload migration tasks being done when you need them.

As the most hands-off migration tool available, PlateSpin Migrate automates each step along the way. From the discovery of applications and services running on source workloads, all the way through the creation and configuration of virtual machines or bare metal physical servers, PlateSpin does all the heavy lifting.

PlateSpin Migrate uses patented workload portability technology to automate cumbersome HAL (hardware abstraction layer) and driver reconfiguration. It also removes the need to reconfigure security identity changes in newly created machines. In addition, PlateSpin Migrate lets you add in your own post-migration scripts. This means you can add an extra level of automation for any of your repeatable post-migration clean-up processes.

For projects such as moving a data center or consolidating multiple physical sites into a central site, simple processes such as server migrations become time- and labor-intensive with the added problems of geography and scale.

With scalability up to 40 concurrent migrations per management server, robust network optimization, and advanced features such as server sync, PlateSpin Migrate ensures that your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Test the target workload while limiting downtime


Only PlateSpin Migrate recognizes the need for testing as an important key to successful migrations and includes testing into every workload migration job. With PlateSpin Migrate, you can remove the hidden dangers of workload migration.

Testing is often an overlooked aspect of a migration project. All datacenter infrastructure projects are expected to move at the speed of business. Migrating individual workloads or even entire sites is no different. Because of this time crunch, many organizations make the dangerous decision to cut out testing to accelerate timelines and reduce downtime. It is critical to build your projects with tools that recognize this challenge and integrate testing right into the process. With mature features such as server sync, only PlateSpin Migrate recognizes this need.


Advanced features such as server sync and live transfer allow you to run the your migrations in the background without shutting down source servers. You’re able to test the target workload, and run a final sync and cut-over to ensure up-to-date data—all while limiting downtime.

This process can even be run multiple times, to remove unexpected surprises with the performance of not only individual workloads, but the business services these workloads make up as well.

Integrated testing ensures that not only will your projects be completed efficiently; they will be done correctly and without unnecessary risk. And as you know, workload migrations and new platform investments cannot yield any ROI unless they work correctly and as expected. PlateSpin Migrate can help you make sure your project is successful.

The widest array of hardware and platform support so you can migrate from anywhere to anywhere

Perform anywhere-to-anywhere migrations to and from physical servers, virtual hosts, and image archives, with broad support for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems. With PlateSpin Migrate you can standardize on a single product for all of your workload migration needs.

Migrate all of your workloads as needed to wherever you want them, whenever you need them to be there. Harness the power of workload portability to take workloads from existing physical hardware to new physical hardware, from physical into virtual—or back—without having to worry about platform support.


PlateSpin Migrate supports all of the leading virtualization platforms including VMware ESX, VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, SUSE® Linux Enterprise with Xen, and Citrix XenServer. PlateSpin Migrate also offers the broadest support for multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Support for multiple hardware configurations and vendors, as well as imaging technologies, gives you the peace of mind that your migration solution can remain the same, even as platforms change.

PlateSpin Migrate automatically configures the server workload to operate on the target environment, making driver, kernel and other necessary changes on the fly. With a driver database of over 55,000 hardware drivers, and the ability for you to add your own custom drivers, PlateSpin Migrate ensures the widest array of hardware and platform support so you can perform migrations from anywhere to anywhere.

Automate the movement of server workloads over the network between physical servers, virtual hosts and image archives

Virtualization and Workload Management solutions from Novell leverage WorkloadIQ™ to enable you to consolidate and migrate servers across multiple data center locations, balance workloads between physical servers and virtual machines, and protect a larger number of servers with faster recovery using virtualization.

PlateSpin Migrate is a WorkloadIQ product that helps deliver on this promise. It is a powerful workload portability solution that automates the movement of server workloads over the network between physical servers, virtual hosts and image archives. PlateSpin Migrate remotely decouples workloads from the underlying server hardware and streams them to and from physical or virtual hosts—all from a single point of control.

Workload migration is simplified with a drag-and-drop interface and built-in workflows. You can use the task-based wizards for common actions. And there are several advanced job configuration features that make it easy to set up migration jobs and move, copy, and deploy workloads.

You can use Live Transfer for the migration or image capture of active servers without taking the source servers offline or having to reboot. And PlateSpin Migrate enables up to 40 simultaneous workload migrations. This dramatically reduces the time required to complete your data center projects

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