ZENworksTM is an integrated set of technologies that lets you deliver and manage applications, configure Windows* desktops, and remotely repair workstation problems using a single management utility-NetWare® Administrator 32.

The overall objective of the ZENworks product is to reduce the cost of owning networked PCs. This is accomplished in two ways. First, ZENworks lets users concentrate on their business productivity and not on maintaining their PCs. Second, ZENworks gives administrators tools that leverage NDS to greatly reduce the amount of necessary PC support.

ZENworks is powered by NDSTM, which gives it a large advantage over the current marketplace offerings. Novell® leverages the power of NDS in ZENworks by expanding the NDS schema, which allows you to store information related to application access, desktop preferences, and printer access directly in an NDS tree. Once the workstations are associated with the NDS tree, administrators can then manage the workstation and desktop from their offices. For example, using NetWare Administrator 32, you can set workstation configurations such as desktop policies and client configurations and have these changes propagated (automatically by NDS) to the workstations or users you want to affect.

To view an introduction to ZENworks, see Understanding ZENworks. To view information on how to design trees for NDS and NDS for NT, see NDS Design for ZENworks and NDS for NT.

To view comprehensive overview and procedural information once NetWare Administrator 32 and ZENworks are installed, choose ZENworks from the NetWare Administrator 32 help topics. To view the help file from the CD-ROM without installing ZENworks, click ZENworks > View Documentation.

To view Novell Client documentation directly from the CD, double-click VIEWDOC.EXE under \NOVDOCS.

To view the ZENworks Cool Solutions web site, go to www.novell.com/coolsolutions/zenworks.

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