OMNITRACKER Platform overview


OMNITRACKER is a state-of-the-art workflow system that can be used to configure a wide variety of business processes in it. Business processes are stored in so-called ‘Application Templates’ inside OMNITRACKER and these are logically completely separated from the core functions of the platform.

It is possible to simply import additional Application Templates into an existing OMNITRACKER instance and by doing so, add new business processes to the same operational system without increasing the load on your support team or requiring additional licenses.

OMNITRACKER is by contract guaranteed to be release compatible, even for tailor made Application Templates, which we can do because of the strict separation of business logic and core platform functionality.

OMNITRACKER enables you to:

  •  Freely configure new business processes in your own Application Templates, without requiring any programming skills
  • Purchase additional predefined Application Templates, like for example:

o Project Management

o Stock and Order Management

o Risk Management

o Requirement Management

o System Engineering

  • Freely modify purchased Application Templates to your needs
  • Integrate Application Templates with each-other to optimize your internal processes and control
  • Replace multiple software solutions and in-house developed applications with a single high-performance platform, reducing the load on your support staff and your license costs

The OMNITRACKER platform

The OMNITRACKER platform provides all the basic functionality that can be used in the Application Templates. It consists of Clients, Core Components and the Core System.

The supported clients include a windows client, web client and mobile client. Windows clients can be updated unattended. OMNITRACKER is multi-lingual and all data, including system strings, can be translated into additional languages.

The Core Components include:

  • Web Gateway
  • Mobile Gateway
  • Email Gateway, rule-based management of in- and outgoing email
  • CTI Gateway, allows integration with computer-supported TAPI-capable telecommunications systems
  • Scanning Gateway, compiles an inventory of WMI-capable IT network components and automatically saves the results to the OMNITRACKER database
  • Interface Bus, enables simple integration of external systems such as Microsoft® Exchange Server, Windows® SharePoint Services, SAP® Solution Manager Service Desk and Baramundi Management Suite

The Core System provides a high-performance and very flexible basis to run your business processes. Applications Templates can be created and customized to meet nearly every user specific requirement in very simple way, without requiring software development skills or SQL knowledge.

OMNITRACKER adapts to your needs!

Some examples of configuration options offered are:

  • Data modeling and data management
  • Graphical definition of workflows
  • Specification of rule-controlled notifications
  • Specification of rule-controlled escalations
  • Definition of user permissions
  • Definition of views, consisting of

o filters, and various
o view layouts, for example a ‘resource planner’ view

  • Form editing for the Windows-, Web- and Mobile Clients
  • Design of report and statistics summary templates
  • Implementation of KPI’s
  • Specification of automated actions
  • Imports and exports to Word, Excel or SQL databases

The Core System also provides an open interface, a web service and a rule based import and export mechanism that can be used to integrate OMNITRACKER seamlessly into your existing application landscape.