Kifinti, which means ‘How are you’ in Maltese is focused entirely on Service, Infrastructure & Security Management solutions. Our product partners, our methodology, our team and our strategy have all been chosen in support of this. Kifinti’s team has considerable experience offering solutions in public and private sector.



All of Kifinti’s other product vendor relationships are in support of our strategy to help organizations provide better Service. This includes the following:

  • Service Management (HEAT, FrontRange ITSM, IBM)
  • Infrastructure Management (LANDesk, Novell & FrontRange)
  • Security (NETIQ, Novell, LANDesk, IBM)
  • Infrastructure Monitoring (IBM Tivoli)

Our total service offering is intended to provide start to finish ‘partner’ style implementation and evolution of our customer’s needs. This includes definition of process, selection and implementation of tool(s), integration with our customer’s existing technology, customization and extension of the solution set, testing, training, support and of course, documentation.

The Kifinti Solutions team has been delivering Support Centre solutions since 1983 and has been helping customers implement ITIL processes since 1999.

Kifinti has implemented and integrated ITSM solutions with nearly every ITSM supporting technology, from network management to knowledge management to HR to ERP. [Learn more…]

Our premiere partners include FrontRange™, LANDesk™, Novell™, IBM™ .


While our head office is in Toronto, Canada, we are equipped to deliver the services and products you need anywhere across North America. Contact us for a free assessment, to book a demo, or to simply discuss your challenge.