HEAT™ Plus Knowledge software delivers an award-winning customer service and support solution for IT help desks, support centers and call centers.

The Power of Information

With HEAT Plus Knowledge, service agents can publish and retrieve intellectual capital across the entire organization. Most of an organization’s knowledge resides in the minds of its employees. To remain responsive and increase productivity, service organizations need to capture and maintain documented subject matter expertise. HEAT Plus Knowledge facilitates collaboration among experts by making it easier to share information through document searching, storage, indexing, reporting and authoring capabilities. With a robust knowledge repository, diagnosis and resolution steps for common service requests and incidents are easily accessible.

Under the weight of increasing call volumes, call escalations and shrinking budgets, service and support organizations are charged with the task of reducing call times, improving customer satisfaction and lowering cost per response. HEAT Plus Knowledge results in optimized service delivery:

  • Capture and reuse solutions
  • Increase first call resolutions (without increasing call times)
  • Maximize training costs
  • Minimize call escalations
  • Ensure consistent responses
  • Reduce resolution time

Get Results with HEAT Plus Knowledge

Reduce knowledge-sharing barriers — Quickly caputer new solutions in knowledge articles with easy-to-use templates.  This lowers the burden of populating the knowledgebase and ensures new solutions are immediately available to others.

Proactively address problems — Forewarn your team of high-impact issues or problems that are being encountered repeatedly with top-ten lists that are generated automatically by usage score, or manually by your knowledge administrator.

Build credibility through consistency—Ensure response consistency with access to a single-source of authoritative solutions. Built-in workflow allows you to painlessly identify and promote useful knowledge and purge outdated information.

Minimize costly escalations—Increase the likelihood that self-serve customers and front-line technicians can find the right answers to problems without assistance. Information is cataloged so users only need to type a few symptomatic words to obtain a list of best solutions.

Stop wasting resources on redundant efforts—Streamline the knowledge article review process with customizable business rules so proposed resolutions can be verified, approved, and made available quickly. This way, you don’t spend time researching resolutions that have been previously identified by others. Document once, reuse often.

No more hard-to-reach content – Your organization’s knowledge assets are likely stored across different business units in separate repositories and in different formats.  HEAT Plus Knowledge allows you to store documents in their native format and search for nearly any document type – regardless of format, structure, or location – including ODBC-compliant databases.

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