With HEAT Self Service, employees or customers can submit service requests, create incident reports, subscribe to problems, or get status updates over the web. HEAT Self Service integrates out of the box with HEAT® Plus Knowledge providing web-based self help and access to the knowledge base to help reduce the “how-to” support requests. The powerful self service module lets customers access the problem-solving capabilities of the HEAT application from any web browser when issues arise—day or night.

Few things can slow down a support center like the daily flood of routine technical issues or system outages. Password resets, frequently asked questions and providing easy answers to rudimentary questions lead to lost hours of productivity at a significant cost to the support organization.  HEAT Self Service translates into increased efficiencies and end user value right from the start.

Improve customer communication at every level
Reduce call volumes
Ease agent workload
Optimize staffing levels
Enhance end user satisfaction levels
Get results with HEAT Self Service
Ease the pressure on your team – Empower customers to find answers themselves.  Tight integration with HEAT Plus Knowledge allows customer to type a few symptomatic words to obtain a list of best solutions.

Improve Customer Communication – Streamline communication by publishing broadcast messages to the HEAT Self Service portal.  Encourage users to subscribe to system-wide outage notifications so that they can be automatically informed about the recovery process or when the system is restored.

Accelerate self-service adoption – Take the guesswork out of web-based processes. Expose HEAT Auto-Tasks and call templates on the HEAT Self-Service portal to guide and prompt customers for the necessary information at each step.

Help ensure accurate and consistent logging – Remove human error from the ticket logging process.  Design your self-service forms (without the need of a programmer) with contextually relevant pull down menus, pop-up selections and best practice business rules to yield accurate, consistent data.

Ability to customize the self-service Web site – Tailor HEAT Self Service to provide other information that is important to the end users. Customize the look and feel of the user interface and the content on the HEAT Self Service web pages.

HEAT Self Service pays for itself quickly

Research shows that when end users effectively help themselves, costs can be reduced by 90% from a traditional phone call inquiry. Web-based access means employees and customers can search for answers whenever, from wherever issues arise, rather than using a telephone when they need service. The lower cost per transaction quickly contributes to the bottom line of the business.


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